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 The King is in the house

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The King is in the house Empty
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July 5, 2008

-The latest production at Victoria Playhouse Petrolia, Petrolia Ontario, Canada is a winning combination of music and comedy, which will surely leave audiences wanting more.

More Elvis, that is.

"Discovering Elvis," playing now until July 19, is the story of four Elvis impersonators at a karaoke contest, where things get wildly out of hand.

Written by Marcia Kash, the comedy is set on a cold winter night in The Upper Club at Petrolia's Squire Tavern, where a national Elvis karaoke contest is being held.

Robert More has directed another show-stopping production in Petrolia, where audiences were screaming for the outrageous characters and their on-stage antics.

While the first half -- set backstage before the show -- starts off slower, it sets the scene perfectly for what is to follow, giving a background story to each of the unique characters.

Terry Barna (Marty), who starred in last year's VPP production of "Here on the Flight Path" is almost unrecognizable as Marty, a life-long Elvis impersonator who is hanging up his white, beaded suit for the last time.

He shares the stage with Phi Bulani (Rick), Dylan Juckes (Jay), Daphne Moens (Cathy), all impersonators vying for the top prize.

Meanwhile, Cyndi Carleton is hilarious as Sue, the shy waitress who winds up having to run the contest, and Jenny Hall perfects her role as the crazy Elvis fan, Darlene.

Action in the second act switches to the stage at the karaoke contest.

This is when the music happens; and the actors don't disappoint, loading up one Elvis hit after another -- each with their own unique twist.

You don't have to be an Elvis fan to enjoy this show -- but you might find some Elvis look-alike's in the crowd!

"Discovering Elvis" runs at Victoria Playhouse Petrolia until July 19. Ticket information is available online at or by calling the box office at 519- 882-1221.

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The King is in the house
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