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 Garland’s Plaza Theatre hosts Elvis tribute starring Jack Foltyn

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PostSubject: Garland’s Plaza Theatre hosts Elvis tribute starring Jack Foltyn   Wed Jun 18, 2008 6:45 am

June 17, 2008

Garland — There is a definite buzz around the Garland area. Jack Foltyn is back in town at the Plaza Theatre, 521 West State Street , Garland, Tx. portraying the King of Rock and Roll. After a four year absence the "Graceland Approved" King of Rock n Roll is back, and he's bringing his "Garland Mafia" with him. His Elvis tribute show, Coming Home, will be at the Plaza Theatre July 18th through the 27th with three special gospel shows on Sundays.

Jack Foltyn was the winner of last year's Expose's Entertainer of the Year for the musical "Walk A Mile In My Shoes" which he wrote andchoreographed. He also received awards for Best Actor and Best Soundtrack for an independent movie. The question is why Garland, why now? "Its where I started," Foltyn says, "Its where everything happened. When nobody else wanted me, Garland was the place that accepted me, my vision and my cast. It was one of those places which was magic. Our fan base started in Garland, and if not for Garland's Plaza Theatre I would have not been able to go on and be accredited as 'Graceland Approved Elvis Tribute Artist.'" Foltyn is now giving back to the community by not only having a special show in Garland, but also by using local dancers from Garland to Rockwall with an age group of 10 and up. "Walk A Mile is an extravagant project with a big set and lots of dialogue, so I wanted to do a show that stuck to the basics of Elvis music - song and dance and that's it," Foltyn continued, "The dancers I have probably have never heard alot of Elvis music, but you can see in their eyes the fun they are having with it, and it's fun for me because it is all new for them." The show contains about 34 songs which Foltyn sings and choreographs and 20 songs in the gospel shows which also have dance. "It is intensive for the dancers," Foltyn said, "But you ask these dancers what they would rather do, and all of them say, 'perform.'"

With so many numbers, he asked for the help of Garland resident Mary Jane Hawkins to be his co-choreographer. "I will be showing the dancers the numbers that Mr. Foltyn has choreographed while he works the new ones," Ms. Hawkins said, "He is also letting me choreograph some dance numbers as well which I am very excited about." Ms Hawkins continued, "Working with him is like riding a roller coaster. You don't know where it's going or how this is all going to fit because he works at such a fast pace. But at the end it makes perfect sense. He pulls the best out of all us. I think that's what makes him not only a great choreographer but a great motivator as well," Ms. Hawkins said.

Foltyn said, "I want the kids to know what its like to participate in a professional show because there are not alot of opportunities out there for them." Due to the cutbacks for the arts it's a difficult task to get work. So Foltyn is working on doing more projects like this, and with the help of people he knows in the industry these dancers and actors alike may be able to have work in other venues. "If they do a great job, yes, I would want them in 'Walk A Mile' in November or 'Christmas In Graceland' in December. Most important is that they learn, have fun and never feel they are inferior to anyone out there." Foltyn knows what it is like to go and audition and not get called back. "You feel like you have nailed it but because you may not have a look they want you may not get a call back," Foltyn said, "but rather than being depressed about, it I used that as ammo and said, 'Okay NEXT TIME I'll show them.'" Foltyn wants to show his young dancers that it is okay to be different and unique. "Standing out is just a feeling, it's not about trying." In Foltyn's productions, the stars are the ones out there. "I tell people all the time. I am like the Christmas tree, but the dancers and actors are the ornaments and the lights that make the Christmas tree look beautiful. They deserve all the credit."

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Garland’s Plaza Theatre hosts Elvis tribute starring Jack Foltyn
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